Animal Control

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The Chesterfield Animal Control Officer enforces state and local laws in relation to dogs and other animals. The intention is to promote health, safety, and general welfare of the people of the Town of Chesterfield, including protection of the property of the Town and its inhabitants, and preservation of peace and good order within the Town.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of the Chesterfield Animal Control Officer include seizure, impoundment, investigations of barking dog complaints, removing sick or injured animals, investigation of animal bites, removing dead dogs and cats from highways, occasional trapping of wildlife found in homes, transporting possible rabid animals for testing, and investigating cruelty complaints.

Responsibilities include: To serve any process related to criminal or civil proceedings including impounding dogs found at large and notifying the owner of its whereabouts and transporting stray dogs and cats to veterinarians for immediate medical treatment if necessary.

Rabies has been now found throughout Massachusetts. When animal bites are reported to the Animal Control Officer, the Officer contacts all persons involved including the owner, animal's veterinarian, the person bitten, and the Health Department.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kelli Wainscott Animal Control Officer (ACO)