Historical Commission

The Historical Commission works to document the historic resources of the Town through survey forms submitted to the Massachusetts Historical Commission and to encourage the Town to maintain its historic resources such as cemeteries. The Commission has sponsored cemetery conservation workshops and is always open to volunteers willing to assist in gravestone conservation. The Commission also has an interest in copying documents or photos from private collections. The copies will ensure that the documents are not lost and will be made available in the library. The Historical Commission meets as needed.

The Historical Commission has started an ambitious project to make sure copies of historical documents are copied and made available to the public by posting them in the town web site and making a copy available for viewing in the Chesterfield Library.  All documents will be returned and people can opt out of the posting if they wish.  They will be posted on the Historical Commission section of the site with the source noted. We are looking for volunteers to transcribe hand written documents and to have their own documents scanned. Contact Dee Cinner at 413-296-4337 or Eileen McGowan if you would like to volunteer your documents to be scanned or would like to help with transcription.

Board Members

Name Title
E. Dee Cinner Chair
Eileen McGowan Member
Coleen O'Connor-Rickey Member